Large Format Lockers

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Large Format Lockers

A custom solution for unique assets. 

Specially designed for your assets and your facility, Traka's large format lockers offer a customized solution for managing a large inventory of assets.

Even with large inventories of critical assets, companies can easily track, store and manage inventory with our software-controlled locker systems. Whether you have hundreds of identical assets to track or an inventory with dozens of different sized items, Traka can engineer a large-scale solution that works for your business.

These systems offer the same accountability, control and efficiency as our other intelligent lockers, but the locker compartments are built to the exact specifications of your unique assets, and to the scale necessary to make sure every item is intelligently managed. 


  • Any size, number and combination of compartments to fit your inventory and user base

  • Customized compartments designed and modified to accommodate specific assets

  • Compartments can be wired for power, data connectivity and unique asset identification

  • All items are centrally managed by TrakaWEB administration software

  • Controlled access to authorized users

  • Can be a standalone “plug-and-play” system that operates independently of your IT system, or integrated to work across multiple facilities

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Advanced key and asset management control via a web browser

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Integration Engine

Integrate with existing access control and HR systems to provide centralized control and visibility